Rue’s Fall Reading: Little Rue Edition

We’re taking it back. Way back (some farther than others) to when our Starbucks lattes were sippy cups of milk, and story time was as hyped as happy hour. In honor of these diaper days, we took to the twittersphere and poked around the office to find out what our Members and colleagues were reading back when they were just little Rue-bies – and we’d love to hear your faves, too.

Rachel S., Copy Director
“I love Different Like Coco – it’s the story of Coco Chanel, with great illustrations, and an amazing lesson about being your own person, having confidence, and overcoming tough circumstances.”

Cheryl K., EVP Chief Member Advocate
“As a little girl, I loved the Madeline book.”

Graham K., Art Director
“My favorite book was Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood. It was all about individuality and feeling good about oneself. It follows a little boy (that I always thought was me) alongside a bunch of animals. My mom would read each page and act out the animals. She’d bellow: ‘I’m as large as a whale’ and in a high, squeaky voice she’d shout: ‘I’m as small as an ant.’ It always made me laugh.”

Lauren D., Lead Stylist
“I still have them all, they’re my favorite things. I love Mickey’s In The Night Kitchen.”

@JeffBrailsford, Rue Member
“My favorite has always been The Giving Tree. Classic.”

@Jacksontalent, Rue Member
“Tie between Philip Hall Likes me, I Reckon Maybe and Green Eggs and Ham and a little-known classic, The Three Matildas.”

@Mdfletch7836, Rue Member
The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton! I always remember it! That and The Monster At The End Of This Book. Classics!”

@Jon_elle, Rue Member
“My favorite childhood book is Are You My Mother? Love it. Oh that and the Hungry Catepillar. Hmm, where are my copies?”

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Little Rue is coming soon. In the meantime, find more on Tumblr ( and tell us: what’s your favorite childhood book?


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