Inside Rue: What a Sample Sale Really Looks Like

It’s true: one of the best perks we have working at Rue La La (besides the endless M&Ms) is access to associate sample sales. Pure fashion chaos, generally unleashed in the second floor cafe, that instantly brightens up a Thursday or Friday afternoon.

So what do they really look like?

We’ve all heard of the Running of the Brides. And yes, it looks exactly like that. Associates start lining up at least 15 minutes before the sale, armed with bags (for storing stuff as you scoop) and wallets. Then as soon as we’re all given the go-ahead, the mad dash to the goods begins. Everything from athleticwear and lingerie to wedding dresses and towel sets. If you blink, you’ll miss it.

Some might say there’s strategy involved, but for me, I head straight for what catches my eye and start rummaging for treasures. However, I’ve seen fellow co-workers with more pre-planning (and better running) snag everything from luxe dresses to designer shoes for mere dollars.

This week’s haul was two sets of high-end towels, in luxuriously soft Egyptian and bamboo cotton. It was about time I snagged myself some grown-up towels, and as one associate mentioned – “you can’t get them for this price anywhere else.”

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

Have you snagged something at one of our Associate Sample Sale Boutiques? Share it in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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