Rue Road Test: Ombre Dip-Dye

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I’ve been itching to experiment with ombre dip-dye for months now, but I’ve always had a slight aversion to bleach due to some unfortunate past encounters at both the salon and the laundromat. Although it’s a lot more foolproof than I expected, you might want to experiment with a scrap of fabric or piece of clothing you’re not in love with before you go in for the real deal.

What you’ll need:
• Medium- to dark-wash denim button-down shirt
• Bucket that can hold at least 10 cups of water
• 4 cups warm water
• 4 cups bleach
• Elastic band
• Rubber gloves

How to do it:
 Put on rubber gloves and fill a clean plastic bucket with the warm water and bleach.
2. Tie the elastic band around the shirt about one-third of the way down, or just under the chest pocket.
3. Submerge the lower portion of the shirt all the way up to the elastic band in the liquid and let the top half hang over the edge of the bucket.
4. Let sit for approximately 10 minutes, or until desired lightness is reached.
5. Pull another one-third of the shirt out of the liquid so that two-thirds of the shirt now hangs over the side of the bucket.
6. Let sit for another 5 – 10 minutes.
7. Wring the excess liquid out of the shirt and hang it to dry (I hung mine on a hanger from my shower curtain rod).
8. Carefully dispose of the bleach and water mixture in the toilet or down the shower drain.

By Grace Romanowsky of Valenki By ACE, Staff Writer

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