Rue Road Test: Juice Cleanse

If you’re anything like me, your case of the Mondays is usually accompanied by a hefty side of guilt from all the indulgences of the weekend (especially around the holiday season). Seeing as I prepared for Hurricane Sandy by polishing off all the chocolate lava cake I could in fear of having to forgo dessert for several days, I decided to kick-start a health-conscious week with a juice cleanse.

I had heard a lot about the master cleanse, a 5–6 day juice cleanse of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice, but after reading up on it I decided to go with something that seemed a little more beginner’s level.


Blue Print offers several different 3-day cleanse regimens which include a variety of bottled fruit and vegetable juices that actually look pretty tasty, so I decided to give it a shot. My findings? Some of the drinks filled me up more than others (the cashew-vanilla one tided me over for far longer than the lime-ginger, for example), but for the most part I felt pretty satiated throughout the day. The hardest part was forgoing my morning and mid-afternoon caffeine jolts, but I was surprised to find that I still had a good deal of energy (maybe even more so than usual).

Here are my juice cleanse survival tips:

  • Drink loads of water or decaffeinated tea to keep you extra hydrated and feeling satisfied between cleanse drinks.
  • Fiending for something to crunch into? Reach for some ice chips or even a fresh bamboo shoot to chew on (trust me, by day two you won’t mind if this makes you look like a panda).
  • Play around with different consistencies and flavors to avoid monotony. Throw one of the drinks into the blender with ice to make a smoothie, freeze freshly squeezed OJ into ice cubes, and try mint- or cucumber-infused water to keep things interesting.
  • Keep busy! Jam-pack your schedule to avoid boredom and temptation. You’ll feel twice as nice after a super productive day.


By Grace Romanowsky of Valenki By ACE, Staff Writer

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