Rue Recap: Project Runway’s Coming Up Roses

Hi there, Project Runway fans! Last week, the teams failed at crafting exotic dancewear for men. This week, they took on this season’s ready-to-wear challenge: creating a budget-friendly spring look for Lord & Taylor.

Tim broke up last week’s teams into smaller groups – two pairs and a triad – but since everyone was able to design their own garment (with input from their team members), the pairings seemed to be more for drama than anything else. The designers were so competitive and sick of working together that the team dynamic was pretty much shot.

The teams met with Suzanne Timmins, fashion director for Lord & Taylor’s parent company, who gave them their challenge: Use the Lord & Taylor rose as inspiration for a ready-to-wear spring look that will be displayed in the store’s Fifth Avenue window as well as sold online.

There was, of course, some trouble in the workroom. Stanley’s attempts to control Patricia were thwarted by her feigning agreement and then moving on to do what she was going to do anyway. Michelle hated the color Daniel chose for his look, and Richard wouldn’t even talk to Layana.

On the runway, Patricia’s rosy draped blouse with matching capris and Stanley’s drab pink dress kept them both safe.

I agreed with the judges that Richard’s sporty maxi dress, though quite pretty, looked over-styled and too similar to what he’s done before. Samantha’s short, flirty dress was cute and interesting, but too junior for Lord & Taylor. Layana’s floral-patterned chiffon dress was beautiful – except for that print. Yuck.

Michelle turned out to be right about Daniel’s bright pink. It wouldn’t have worked as a jacket, and though I did love the shoulders, the dress wasn’t tailored well enough – and it was (frankly) sort of boring. Michelle’s on-trend chartreuse shift dress, however, was a clear front-runner with its impeccable details and great styling.

Already know who won, or don’t mind being spoiled? The winning design is on sale now. (Or was, until it sold out).

See you next week. Auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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