Rue Recap: Project Runway Breaks Down

Welcome back, Project Runway fans. Last week the entire female gender lost all respect for Ven. This week? I have a confession to make:

I teared up in the last five minutes of the show.

Now, please don’t tell anyone. I mean, it’s a reality TV show, for goodness’ sake. And it’s not like the episode was particularly unusual – the challenge was to design a cocktail or evening dress that would be manufactured by Lord & Taylor. Some really nice final pieces (and one pretty brutal one MK likens to a “field hockey uniform“), but nothing tear worthy.

But those last five minutes? They were just downright touching.

I’d tell you why, but that just doesn’t seem fair. What I will tell you is this: hard-as-a-tack Elena cries, too. I mean, sobs. In front of the judges. (She does have a soft side under that suit-of-armor exterior.) And Boston-native Sonjia sobs. And Taylor Momsen lookalike Melissa almost cries. And, on a random note, freegan Fabio spends the episode wearing a completely effeminate crown of flowers around his head. (This, coming from a guy who wears dresses, shouldn’t have surprised me.)

Yes, things get a little teary eyed – to say the least. And I’ll leave it at that.

Until next week, auf wiedersehen.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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