Rue Recap: Project Runway & Wearable Art

Welcome back, Project Runway fans! Last week, the teams made ready-to-wear looks for Lord & Taylor. This week, they paid the Guggenheim a visit – and created their own textiles for inclusion in wearable art designs.

The judges selected the pairs: Patricia and Richard, Layana and Daniel, and Stanley and Michelle (ordered by how excited they were to work together, from least to most). No one was happy Richard stayed last week, and Michelle quipped that he’d only show 12 colorblocked dresses at Fashion Week. Can’t say I disagree.

At the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museumthe place to see modern and contemporary art in New York – Tim explained each team’s task: find inspiration to create their own textile, then produce one piece of wearable art and a complementary ready-to-wear look. He gave each pair a camera and let them run wild.

In the workroom, Layana broke down in tears when she realized the level of difficulty that wearable art calls for, but to her credit, she had her pity party then pulled a dress together. And in the time that Patricia used to construct the foundation of her look, Richard just toyed with making a bracelet.

My favorite ready-to-wear look on the runway was Daniel’s blazer and skirt. Both pieces were beautifully designed and fitted, and this is an outfit I’d love to own. Patricia’s tribal look – surprisingly soft and light despite its many layers and white veil – solidified her as the stronger member of her team.

Stanley and Michelle worked together on both their pieces, and their wearable art, with its painted Bubble Wrap, artsy cape, and well-done headpiece, was the highlight of the show. Nina called it “inspiring and editorial.” I liked their ready-to-wear look somewhat less – the shape felt awkward and heavy – but it was beautifully constructed.

Richard’s skirt looked like a cross between a balloon and an accordion (read: not pretty), and I agreed with the judges that Layana’s dress was like a Barbie version of Gone with the Wind.

The remaining designers seem to be hitting their stride (finally). Do you have picks for the Final Three? I’m fairly certain Stanley and Michelle will make it, but the last is a toss-up.

More next week. Auf Wiedersehen for now.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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