Rue Recap: The Project Runway: Teams Finale

Welcome back, Project Runway fans! The last time we spoke, five designers traveled across Europe for inspiration for high-end fashion looks. These past two weeks, we’ve been engrossed in the finale – first in the narrowing down of the Final Four to Three, and then in seeing the final collections walk the runway.

After working on their collections at home for four months, the designers each picked three pieces to show. Two of the season’s best looks (in my opinion) – Michelle’s layers and black chaps and Patricia’s horsehair cape with leather pants – helped the ladies secure their spots. Stanley’s skill with luxe, ornate fabrics earned him the last seat, leaving out Daniel, whose capsule collection was sadly made up of well-designed but boring choices.

With the judges’ advice (primarily for Stanley to add interest and youth, Michelle to edit, and Patricia to bring cohesion and maturity), the Final Three returned to the workroom to prep for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Everyone was stressed, but Stanley especially – he still had unfinished garments as he walked into Lincoln Center. Between an army of sewing assistants and a (very) patient stage manager, he pulled it together, but it was ugly there for a bit.

Stanley: “Urban Opulence” had some standout pieces, like the gold belted coatdress and white-and-gold dress, but ultimately his collection still felt dated and his quick-fix hemlines were too shoddy for Fashion Week.

Patricia: Inspired by trees, this collection showcased her creativity and Native American heritage. She created a beautiful fabric, and the judges appreciated her leather hole-punch pants. The pink dress she opened with was also really lovely. I still noticed a lack of cohesion, though, and while the judges liked her headpieces, I found them to be a little over the top.

Michelle: This lone wolf–inspired collection exemplified the casual/tough attitude I’ve come to love about her. It was diverse, yet told a complete story through quilted fabrics and pleated dresses. Those chiffon scarf-ties took it a little too far, and her closing gown was quite heavy – even to Michael Kors (can he come back next season? Please?), who said it was like a “cardboard box walking.” Overall, though, she was my favorite.

The judges had a hard time narrowing it down, and I was happy with their final choice. What did you think – did the right person win? Until Season 12, auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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