Rue Recap: Project Runway Takes It All Off

Welcome back, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers crafted duct-tape prom dresses. This week, their clients (and, as they were dismayed to learn, models) were the men from Thunder From Down Under – exotic dancers who offer the “Ultimate Girls’ Night Outback.” Mmmhmm.

But before the designers could get to work, another switch-up was in order. Heidi and the judges picked the new teams of four: Stanley, Michelle, Patricia, and Daniel formed Team Shades of Grey, and Layana, Amanda, Richard, and Samantha became Team Slick and Hip. (Let’s just not talk about these name selections, okay?)

No one seemed overly enthusiastic about their new teams, and the challenge’s specifications – three cohesive, tear-away exotic-dancer outfits for Magic Mike–esque figures (when many of the designers weren’t even that familiar with menswear) in only one day – had the designers pretty stressed.

Unsurprising, then, that the workroom was a complete disaster. No one on Team Slick and Hip could get along, to the point where Layana asked Stanley – a member of Team Shades of Grey – for help. Those over on his own team, though, weren’t doing much better.

All of this made for quite possibly the worst show in Project Runway history. The lack of time and cooperation led to designs completely devoid of creativity. Heidi said it all: “I think we should just wrap the show early and you’re all out.” Ouch.

Shades of Grey won by default, thanks mainly to Michelle’s zippered vest, even though it didn’t fit the team’s office theme. All of their pants failed the tear-away test, Patricia’s basket-woven shirt impressed no one, and Daniel’s trench coat looked, as Nina mentioned (between her fits of laughter), like a beauty smock.

Nothing worked over on the Slick and Hip side. Amanda’s pants were the worst offenders, with their uneven legs and too-tight fit. Add Richard’s ridiculous, falling-off silk collar and Layana’s horribly fitted jacket, along with all of those too-long shirts, and it’s no wonder these guys were on the bottom.

Now, I usually try to stay away from spoilers (consider this your spoiler alert), but there’s one Project Runway first worth mentioning from this episode: No one won.

I hope you agree that the person who got Heidi’s kiss of death definitely deserved it. Are you, like me, ready for the producers to do away with team challenges for the rest of the season? (Not that it’ll happen, but a girl can dream.)

We’ll have to wait and see what they come up with for next week. Auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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