Rue Recap: Project Runway All Stars’ Glam Graffiti

Welcome back, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers turned the beat around and brought disco back in a Nine West challenge. This week, they’re tasked to create their own patterns with spray paint – that is, design “aerosol art” on fabric that they then must incorporate into their garments.

The designers are given a crate of spray paint and seven yards of either white cotton or chiffon to create their patterns. Althea is “excited to be artistic and create a print,” but Laura Kathleen is disappointed that she’s “not wearing the appropriate attire to be spray-painting,” because her “s***’s expensive.” Kayne remarks that Laura Kathleen is getting on everyone’s “last gay nerve.” We all knew the familial feeling in the workroom wouldn’t last.

Joanna has a few notes about the taste level of various garments – not surprising, since several wearable art challenges throughout Project Runway’s run have devolved into catastrophic messes – but she leaves the workroom commenting on how “moved” she is by the designers’ work. High compliments, for sure.

Runway time. Carolyn Murphy hopes the garments will look equally appealing in an art gallery as on the runway, and our guest judges this week are Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra.

Georgina Chapman says the proportions of Anthony Ryan’s dress are “dead-on,” but the judges question whether the print belongs in an art gallery. Laura Kathleen’s architectural hemline seems very artistic, but Jeffrey and Robert wish it went straight across. No one likes the waistline of Suede’s poofy polka-dot number. Emilio’s skirt suit looks like a glamorous sunset, and Isaac Mizrahi wished Ivy’s pop-art dress said “city” rather than “tenacity.” He also had to point out, while discussing Kayne’s dress, that this “isn’t Project Sample Room.”

What do you think, Runway fans? Was the show Met-worthy, or should the garments be sent to the MOBA?

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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