Rue Recap: Project Runway Gets Print Happy

Welcome back, Project Runway fans. Last week, we talked crafty t-shirts, bizarrely fringed outerwear, and a smattering of absolutely quotable one liners. This week? It’s all about prints.

Yup, it’s the beloved textile challenge, and designers set to work creating a look inspired by their cultural heritage. From Melissa’s Poland-inspired red-and-white graphic dress (loveee) to Sonjia’s bold Americana pants, the results are punchy and fun – and a little bit strange.

Here’s what we learn along the way:

Tim Gunn abhors maxi pads. Yes, you read that right. He called Ven’s workroom look “an homage to a menstrual cycle.” Gotta admit – my mind totally didn’t go there, Tim, but thanks.

Ven is definitely a “one-way monkey.” If I see another sculpted rose, that’s it. It’s totally lost its Beauty and the Beast charm.

Gunnar has a soft side. Despite his constant capacity to annoy me (and his frumpy design sensibility), he’s finally burrowed his way into my heart.

Dmitry can do more than dresses. I’m crossing my fingers he’s top three – the cutout jacket he made was potentially my favorite piece of the season. Can you imagine it with a touch of neon underneath? And way to go, D-man, Nina Garcia tweeted that he’s right on trend with NYFW, too.

Until next week, auf wiedersehen.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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