Rue Recap: Project Runway Hits the Streets

Welcome back, Project Runway fans. Last week we talked (er, shed?) tears. This week? The designers get crafty – creating (hideously ugly) t-shirts, selling them in teams on the streets for cash, and using the money to pull off a team challenge: two fall looks, one with outerwear.

Ah, there’s that beloved fall word – outerwear. I was psyched to see a bevy of luxe coats strut down the runway. (Perhaps even in my favorite fall color, oxblood?) But, alas, the results left much to be desired. Think: bizarre fringe and oddly popped collars draped over totally blah outfits.

Still, the episode had its moments – mainly Elena related, of course – including these gem-like one-liners:

Christopher, on Dmitry and Elena: “They’re like Boris and Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.” (So. Spot. On.)

Elena, on Christopher’s jacket: “[It] looks like a Snuggie. An ugly-[expletive] Snuggie.” (If only they made Snuggies in a nice fall camel.)

And my very favorite. Dmitry, on Elena: “To kill the witch we need a silver bullet and a wooden stick.” (For future reference, D-man, a stick will do you no good. You’ll need a stake.)

Let’s hope next week brings some designs we can actually rave about. Until then, auf wiedersehen.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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