Rue Recap: Project Runway Gets Haute in France

Bonjour, fellow Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers crafted custom dresses for lady veterans. This week, they took an haute little side trip to France.

That’s right. This episode started with the designers packing their bags for a less-than-24-hour hop across the pond to tour the House of Valentino, learn about couture, and shop at Janssens & Janssens for fabric to create their own couture-inspired looks.

Cue the collective jaw-drop.

With 3,000 euros and one hour to shop, Emilio said it best: “To have a great budget to buy beautiful fabric really elevates this challenge to the level of couture.” And Joshua – in a French shop brimming with gorgeous material – picked the tackiest floral fabric possible. “This is like Joshua and the Amazing Technicolor Couture Challenge,” he said. Okay. Let’s see how well that works out.

Back in the States, Joanna cautioned Emilio against going appliqué-crazy and Anthony Ryan about running out of time, worried about Uli’s dress coming across as “gladiator alligator meets Sicilian widow,” and tried to be polite about Joshua’s choice of fabric.

The runway was a mix of hits and misses. Joshua’s lace-and-floral combination was risky (as couture should be) – but quite possibly the ugliest thing I’ve seen yet. And while the judges liked Emilio’s gown, it could have been fitted better (and I wish he had kept some of the appliqué we saw in the workroom, despite Joanna’s warnings).

Anthony Ryan’s look was a touch funereal, but it certainly met the conditions of the challenge in a way that Uli’s dress did not. Despite its strength, her construction was problematic in the lining and back – and one challenge from the finale is not the time for such issues.

Rather than announcing a final verdict, the judges sent Anthony Ryan and Emilio through to the finale and held Joshua and Uli back for a tiebreaker challenge: deconstruct their gowns and create a new look, all in one hour.

Who was your pick to win the Hunger Games–style face-off between Uli and Joshua? Were you satisfied with the judges’ decision?

Join me next week to watch the Final Three in action. For now, au revoir.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer 

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