Rue Recap: Project Runway Goes Green (for Red)

Welcome back, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers took on androgynous looks for women and men, and this week, it’s all about the environment – and the red carpet.

When host Carolyn Murphy met the designers atop New York’s High Line park – in and of itself a masterful example of recycling brilliance – she shared three major pieces of information: the designs would be created from AirDye fabrics and trims recycled from previous challenges, Carolyn Murphy herself would wear the winning look on the red carpet, and finally, the guest judge was the legendary Diane von Furstenberg (cue the celebration – and nerves).

One of my favorite moments in the workroom was Casanova and Emilio gossiping in Spanish, and the other designers snarking that they couldn’t wait to read the subtitles – hope no one (especially Uli) was too offended last night!

One downside to knowing the guest judge’s identity before the runway show is the All Stars seemed to be designing specifically to impress her – many of the silhouettes were reminiscent of DVF’s style.

Nevertheless, several designers pulled out impressive looks this week. I loved Casanova’s dress – the neckline, print, and silhouette were all gorgeous. Laura Kathleen’s palazzo-pant jumper was a fresh take on a red-carpet look, and it really helped her outfit stand out. Uli made great use of her recycled material with a feather trim, and Anthony Ryan’s flowy fabric and deep-V neckline made for a refreshing addition to the bunch (despite showing a peek of the model’s panties).

Other designers, though, were green with envy (or seeing red – whichever you prefer). Emilio’s unfinished hem was just plain sad, especially since the gown’s color looked stunning on his model. Althea’s fabric – something she had no control over this episode, and described by DVF as “Marie Antoinette meets Frederick’s of Hollywood” – was the worst part, though she also tried to do far too much with the design. And Ivy’s gold number? Definitely not red carpet–ready.

What say you? Did the right person go home?

Auf Wiedersehen – until next week, anyway.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer 

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