Rue Recap: Project Runway, Finale Part 1

Welcome back, Project Runway fans. Last week, we talked avantgarde looks. This week? It’s part one of the finale, baby, which means – hometown visits and a pre-Fashion Week peek at the collections.

I love a good hometown visit. They’re sentimental little snippets into the designers’ lives, full of awkward family stories and on-par critiques of their collections. But this year, they felt rushed and distant. Nonetheless, the collections themselves had their charm (and wow-factor).  Here are some highs – and lows:

Oh, Melissa. How I love your Taylor Momsenesque vibe. And the fact that you came from a town of 3,000? You go, girl. But your collection felt done before. From that high-collared black dress (didn’t we see the same thing here?) to that big-cuffed white leather jacket (love the treatment, but it’s pretty much this, with a luxe twist), I would have loved to see something just a teeny bit unexpected.

This guy is out there, in a Marc Jacobs sort of way.  And it works like a charm. His collection straddles the line between ugly and innovative. Dyed pastel fabrics are cut asymmetrically and draped in ways so odd, they feel fresh. It’s streetwear meets loungewear meets avantgarde, and the judges? They love it – or, at least, the idea of it.

Although creating a print from your mother’s X-ray is a touch creepy (or “haunting,” as Chris likes to call it), the unique print itself pretty much made this collection. (The eroded leather was perfection, too.) But I’ve got to say: Turn the volume up! Despite the unusual textiles, these skimpy little pieces were simply boring.

Pure love. This guy has such fabulous attention to detail – and such an eye for what works on a woman’s body. I’d snap up (almost) every last item in a heartbeat. (Except I’d wear a tank under that sheer, embellished top, obvi.) His clothes just look expensive. I think I’ve found my top contestant.

Until the finale, auf wiedersehen.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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