Rue Recap: The Project Runway Designers Dress Miranda Lambert

Hello there, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers balanced hardware and flowers. This week, they had another client-based challenge – and the lady of the hour was country star Miranda Lambert, who wanted a little added rock ’n’ roll to spice up her look.

Before the designers could get to work, Tim and Heidi brought out the dreaded Button Bag. Apparently last week’s team shake-up wasn’t enough, because rather than sticking with it, the designers were broken into pairs. (Now this is a “team” challenge I can get behind.) Each pair was responsible for two outfits: a red-carpet look and a stage-ready performance look.

The freedom of no teams let the designers loosen up in the workroom – especially Michelle, who treated us to her spot-on Nina Garcia impression, and Amanda, who revealed she’s under a lot of familial pressure because her brother is a member of Maroon 5.

But there were lows, too, particularly Daniel (my early fave), who seemed to be letting his winning track record inflate his ego. His leather fabric certainly looked cool, but the finished product was a mess – despite his no-holds-barred boasting.

On the runway, Amanda came back from last week’s humiliation to turn out an incredibly practical (did someone say “normal bra”? How revolutionary!) and rocking design. Richard’s piece was perfect for a country-rock performance, and though Miranda wasn’t convinced that Benjamin’s regal chiffon skirt was right for her, Heidi thought it was perfect.

I also really liked Kate’s red gown, and it kept her safe – but I see why Miranda didn’t pick it. Down on the bottom, Matthew’s lifeless two-piece outfit lacked confidence, and Michelle’s look reminded me of a Whitesnake music video.

What did you think? Were pairs better than teams, and did they let the right person go? (I say yes.)

Until next week – auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer 

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