Rue Recap: Globetrotting with Project Runway

Hi there, Project Runway fans! Last week, the remaining five contestants created editorial looks for Marie Claire. This week, the designers flew across the globe to find inspiration (and buy $1,000 worth of European fabric) for a high-end runway look.

We were left hanging last week in regard to Michelle’s fate, which was resolved quickly here – she got to stay, but she was on a sort of probation. So, while Layana traveled to Barcelona, Daniel to Berlin, Patricia to Paris, and Stanley to London (each accompanied by an eliminated-designer-turned-assistant to maintain the team aspect), she remained solo in New York so she could focus on fighting for her life.

This actually benefited her, in a way – she got to shop at Mood. The other designers had to find fabric in local shops in their respective cities, and between language barriers, unexpectedly expensive materials, and poor selection (Daniel had to buy white pleather – yuck), they had a difficult time.

In the workroom, Tim had some wise advice for Patricia: If you’re going to make something reminiscent of a multicolored marshmallow, it should be a shirt rather than a jacket. He also supported Michelle’s desire to paint her “fabulous, really beautiful, sophisticated look” and tried to be nice to Layana, whose lace coat looked like it belonged in a mid-90s shopping mall.

On the runway, Patricia would have been better off if she’d made a simple top and left off the massive, puffy sleeves, and Layana’s coat didn’t look any better than it did in the workroom.

Michelle’s cashmere skirt moved wonderfully, and the breast plate and strappy back made this a winner for me. Daniel’s pleather looked edgy and luxurious, which couldn’t have been an easy task, and the wedge/stocking combo was, in Nina’s words, “a showpiece.” Finally – the shape aside, though that in itself had me falling in love – Stanley’s use of paillettes for the lining was pure genius.

I’d be surprised if any of these three didn’t go to Fashion Week at this point – and it helps that they’re the most likeable.

Talk to you next week. For now, auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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