Inside Rue: A Peek at Our College Basketball Pool (and the Winner's Charity of Choice)

College basketball season may be over, but since we’re fairly certain Louisville is still celebrating their triumph, we figured we’d share a sports-related victory of our own. It all started with a simple Rue college basketball bracket pool. Ten bucks to enter (optional, of course), and the Associate with the winning bracket could donate it all to the charity of their choice – with a 100% match from Rue La La.


The result? Out of nearly 200 brackets and countless charities, Assistant Buyer Michelle F. won it all for Autism Speaks, a leading organization dedicated to funding the research for treatment, prevention, and awareness of autism. In her own words:

“I chose Autism Speaks because of the work they do for the autistic community and the families that need support. My parents go to the autistic gala every year and cannot speak more fondly of the positive and heartwarming work that raising money for the foundation does as well as how many families it affects. I also have to say that I received some really positive emails from my Rue La La coworkers, many that said how much they appreciated the donation because they have a cousin/sibling/child that has autism. With so many great charities to pick from I felt like these emails supported my choice.”

For more information on Autism Speaks, please visit

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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