Rue How-To: Wear Corduroy

It’s true – this cozy, ribbed autumn standby has come a long way since its days as a professor’s staple. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to style it to ensure you look more seasonally chic and less like an outdated math teacher.

According to TSB Men, cords can be worn for both casual and more formal occasions:

– Break the mold and sport a tan corduroy suit. The key to keeping the look modern is a very tailored cut and contemporary add-ons (think skinny ties, colorful or patterned socks, and sleek Oxfords – just make sure they’re not square-toed).

– Casual Friday no longer automatically means jeans and a button-down. Instead, swap in a black corduroy shirt to keep things business-appropriately casual but way more comfortable.

– Give your wool peacoat a rest and layer on a collegiate-style double-breasted corduroy coat. Tossed over a sweater and button-down (or even a turtleneck), this is the epitome of fall style.

The key to a flawless fall look is to keep it simple:

– Rather than trying to get too fancy with this velvety fabric, pair corduroy pants with a simple tee or oversized sweater (I’m also partial to the untidily tucked-in look), and add a soft scarf or pashmina.

– When it comes in blazer form, make sure the cut is exquisitely fitted (it should fall at the very end of your shoulders and cinch at the waist when buttoned), and layer it over jeans and tank to warm up the look. Gold-tone or wooden accessories add a charming, earthy touch.

– Corduroy skirts may scream “I’m in middle school,” but when paired with sheer tights, killer boots (heels are a must), and a fitted top – you’ve got an outfit that’s a guaranteed A.

By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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