Rue How-To: Tie a Pashmina

It’s finally fall and the air is officially feeling chillier (in some places more than others). But with that being said, I’m not quite ready to whip out my winter jacket just yet. Instead, I’m turning to an autumn outerwear favorite – the pashmina. Soft, warm, and oh-so versatile, it’s ideal for almost every cold-weather situation – from crisp evening dates to cold cubicles, it adds warmth with little to no effort. Here, check out my top picks for cool ways to wear the fall staple.

The Bolero Jacket
1. Drape around the nape of your neck, making sure the material covers your shoulders.
2. Take the two ends remaining at the front and pass them back beneath your arms.
3. Tie the two ends into a single knot at the center of your back.

The Classic Knot
1. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.
2. Place the scarf around your neck and feed the loose ends through the loop.
3. Wear tight or loose.

The Artistic Knot
1. Drape the Pashmina over your shoulders, making both sides equal length.
2. Tie a simple, loose knot in the middle of the right side.
3. Pass the left side through the knot going in the same direction.

The Infinity Scarf
1. Open the scarf up and tie a knot at the corner of each end.
2. Take both knotted ends and tie them at the back of your neck so you’ll have three little knots.
3. Take the excess drapage in the front and loop it around your neck.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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