Rue How-To: DIY Washer Necklace

Pinterest. It’s a great site for finding everyday items and turning them into something they would never typically be used for. (Seriously, who would ever think to turn a lightbulb into a vase?)

And this washer necklace is no exception. So I headed off to my nearest Home Depot to try it for myself.  With some simple (not at first!) looping, and (I confess) many times starting over, I got the hang of the process. And now I have this not-so-typical necklace to add to my jewelry collection.

DIY Washer Necklace


23 silver washers

A piece of ribbon, 60 inches or longer (I used an ivory grosgrain, but feel free to go colorful)


1. String your ribbon through your first washer, so it sits in the center of the ribbon.

2. With your second washer, string the ribbon through and then back through the center of the first. One will lay atop the other. Pull the ribbon tight after you string on each washer.

3. Once you get to your third washer, string the ribbon through the second, then through the third, and pull tight.

4. Keep weaving the ribbon through the washers, and eventually you will get your (statement-worthy) necklace.

By Emily Gibbons of, Staff Writer

Have you transformed any household items into accessories? Tell us in the comments below or tag us on Instagram, #DYI. 

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