Rue How-To: DIY Summer Wine Stopper

Cheap. Easy. So fun. Wine drinkers? This one’s for you. Everything you need is in your house except for the knob that will top the stopper. Thankfully, you only need one – so spend $8 or so (love these) for the soon-to-be cutest wine stopper ever.

First, dig up a few old corks to practice. The trick to a successful stopper is a perfectly vertical twist through the cork – otherwise, the knob will not lie flat. If you have one of those handy-dandy mechanical wine openers, I encourage you to use it here. If not (I don’t), that’s what practice is for.

In terms of wine corks, synthetic is ideal. Not only do synthetic corks keep wine fresh longer by eliminating bacteria, they also make for a DIY wine stopper that you can use again and again (or give as a gift!).


By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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