Rue How-To: DIY Jewelry Display

I don’t know about you, but it’s a must for me to browse my jewelry each day while I get ready. If not, I walk out the door missing the perfect necklace or that essential stack of arm candy. Instead of my glitzy treasures being hidden away in a box or drawer, I made my own display to hang in my closet. Now I won’t forget my about my oldie but goodie earrings, and I’ll be perfectly accessorized with each and every outfit.


Wood frame
Wire mesh
Staple gun
Drawer knobs
Electric drill


1. Fit mesh wire to the size of your frame, and staple it to the back.

2. In each spot where you would like a knob, drill a hole through the wood of the frame.

3. Screw in the knobs.

4. Hang on the wall or closet door, and be sure to add your beloved accessories, old or new!

By Emily Gibbons (, Staff Writer

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