Rue How-To: DIY Flower Pins

Our art director Katie Sarna, DIY guru of What Katie Made, is up to her crafty tricks again – this time turning simple suede fabric into adorable flower pins. Check out how she made this charming lapel accessory in just six simple steps, then try your hand for a piece of homemade jewelry you can brag about.

1. Take a piece of suede or felt fabric and cut out five petal-shaped pieces – they can be as big or small as you like.
2. Mark four dots along the straight-edged bottom of each petal as a sewing guide.
3. Thread your needle and start sewing in and out of the bottom of each petal (following your dotted guide), making sure to start each piece the same way.
4. Once all the petals are on the thread, push them to one end, causing the petals to bunch and cup.
5. Take the needle and sew back into the first petal, causing the chain of petals to tighten and make a full flower. Once tight, go ahead and tie off and cut your thread.
6. Use a hot glue gun to attach a safety pin to the back of your flower, then proudly display it on your lapel!

– By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

Want more DIY projects? Be on the lookout for more Rue How-Tos from Katie. Some of our favorites to date: A Potted Fairytale, DIY Pillow Covers, and DIY Bookends. Or check out her blog What Katie Made.

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