The Art of the Lobster, Step by Step


Synonymous with the good life gone seaside, lobster isn’t just delicious – it’s an activity within itself. I’ll admit that, even at age 28, I still need Dad’s – er, outside – help when it comes to extracting the meat from one of these suckers. Which is why I hit the Internet to finally nail down what it takes to devour a tasty lobster (sans assistance).

1. Throw on a bib. Sure, you may feel like an overgrown toddler, but lobsters tend to squirt – and no one wants to ruin their dinner outfit.

2. Start with the claws. Hold on firmly, then twist at the joints to remove. Crack the middle of each claw and pull out the meat with your lobster fork.

3. Next, the tail. Holding the body, break off the tail (from the flipper up) by bending it backward until it separates from the main section.

4. Use that little lobster fork to remove the tail meat (it should come out in one piece), and be sure to cut out the black vein that runs through the middle of the tail.

5. Pull apart the underside of the body cavity and you’ll find the tomalley, a pea-green paste of sorts. Some people like to eat this; others throw it away. (Your call.)

6. And finally, those legs – they have meat, too! Bite down at the start of the leg, then squeeze with your teeth to extract every last little morsel.

7. You did it! (Now, don’t forget to take off that bib.)

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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