Rue How-To: DIY Colorblocked Nails

Every time I get a mani, I am always that girl who can’t decide between two colors. But with the trend for colorblocked nails, there will be no more indecisiveness for me! Keep summer around longer with brights, or jump into fall with some dark tints! I chose both of my favorite summer shades: Essie Ballet Slippers and OPI Cajun Shrimp. With a little patience between drying time, you too can paint on your favorite hues.

• Reinforcements (Yes – those circular stickers you used in high school to keep your paper hole punches from ripping)
• Two nail polish colors

1. Paint your nails with the lighter color.
2. Make sure your nails are dry before sticking on the reinforcements.
3. Paint the bottom half of your nails with darker color.
4. Once dry, slowly unpeel reinforcements.

By Emily Gibbons of, Staff Writer

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