Rue How-To: Keep Your Cashmere in Killer Form

It’s no secret that cashmere’s a completely timeless investment. If you’re anything like me, though, keeping the closet’s finer things in pristine condition doesn’t always come easily. (Ironing? Pass.) But luckily, the Internet – and the Rue office, as it turns out – is brimming with tried-and-true techniques for keeping cashmere in tip-top form.

1) While a care tag may insist on dry cleaning only, the truth is that hand-washing is the surest way to prolong your cashmere sweater’s life.

2) Hand-washing is simple – especially if you have a salad spinner and some baby shampoo on hand.

3) Never hang your cashmere sweater to dry (literally); gravity will distort its shape. Instead, lay it flat on a towel or drying rack, then reshape it as it dries.

4) Good news: you can attack a stain on cashmere using the same commercial stain remover you’d use for any other fabric.

5) The tumble-dry? It’s A-okay – as a fluffing agent, that is. Toss in your already-dry sweater for a return to that delicious softness.

6) Whatever you do, don’t use an electronic pill remover. Cashmere is too delicate and will thin out as a result.

7) Air-tight containers are not cashmere’s friend (nor any natural fiber’s, at that). When it comes time to store your sweater, wrap it in acid-free tissue paper, and you’re good to go.

Now that you’re armed and ready to care for cashmere, it’s time to stock up. Our Cullen: Women’s Cashmere Sweaters Boutique opens Tuesday, October 2, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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