Rue How-To: Make a Beautiful Bed


Layering bedding accessories is an art, one – I have to admit – I’m not very good at. Luckily, here at Rue we have Eddie Ross, our home editor extraordinaire. Having worked at glossies like House Beautiful and Martha Stewart Living (among others), he knows a thing or two about making a bed look straight out of a catalogue.

RLL: Let’s talk pillows. How many is too many?
Eddie: You should always start off with two euro pillows then add two to four standard pillows according to the size of your bed. Throw in three accent pillows at the max (I like odd numbers of throw pillows).

RLL: Mixing patterns. Is it a do or a don’t?
Eddie: Absolutely a do. For me, mixing patterns is a really great way to create a look that’s all your own. What I like about Rue and our soft home selection is that you can find really amazing bed linens at such a great price that you can buy a few different sets and mix and match.

RLL: Is there actually an easy way to tuck sheet corners? I’m starting to think it’s an urban myth …
Eddie: I love a hospital bed corner. The Art of Manliness has a really great illustrated guide to getting them just right.

RLL: Is there a way to get out sheet wrinkles without whipping out the iron?
Eddie: No, but there is a way to cheat – iron your pillowcases and the top 18–20 inches on your top sheet for a nice beautiful bed.

RLL: When should we make the change from summer-weight comforters to the heavy-duty down ones?
Eddie: It all depends on where you live. Usually it happens in the beginning of October. But prior to that you should take everything out and either hang it on the line or have it dry-cleaned to really freshen up your bedding.

RLL: What’s one bedding accessory no bed should go without?
Eddie: Euro shams. They just add that sophisticated touch.

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By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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