Rue Horoscopes: September


We may not be experts in astrology or the moon’s position, but we do know style alignment. And in forecasting the next month, here’s what’s in store for you.

In a month as busy as September, it only makes sense to prioritize. And number one on your list (aside from scoring front row seats to that DVF show) should be turning over your closet.

This time of year is all about fashion, and no one could be more excited than you. And maybe us. But if New York or Paris isn’t in the cards, why not throw your own party? It’s all about the décor, the finger foods, and oh – the outfits.

You have a natural attraction to all things intense. Take that intensity into autumn with printed pants and super-rich layered fabrics. Texture-on-texture over a fall-floral trouser and lace-up stilettos has street-chic written all over it.

Is there anything better than spotting yourself on a best-dressed list? Okay – maybe it hasn’t happened quite yet, but you should always be prepared. That means looking impeccable every time you walk out the door, from blowout to pedicure. Challenge: accepted.

Wearing your emotions on your sleeve does not count as an accessory. But dressing the part is an entirely different story. Deep and brooding? Embrace it with head-to-toe black. Powerful = monochromatic reds. Sometimes it’s okay to be an open book.

You have some serious passion for life (we’re all envious). And harnessing it is not exactly your strong point. Here to help: the structured blazer. Reeling in your outfits just enough to be office-appropriate, this should be your new go-to menswear piece.

All right, it’s true. You didn’t win your way into NYFW. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like you’re there, right? Right. Sky-high booties, leather minis, and an in-your-face burgundy lip ought to do the trick.

Planning ahead is kind of your thing. That can happen when you’re viewed as a leader. So when this month’s Fashion Weeks start talking Spring 2014, we know you’ll be all ears. Just be sure to share the juicy trending details.

Socializing is definitely your strong point, so mingling comes naturally. Use those superpowers at every after-party, runway show, and cocktail hour at Fashion Week. (Housewarming parties and girls’ nights work, too.)

Looking put-together is harder than you think. Especially when dealing with crowds of fabulously dressed people (it’s okay, we’re also pretending we’re at PFW). The trick? A sleek topknot. It prevents frizzy-hair ailments and always looks chic. Problem solved.

Queen of Procrastination, that’s you. And fall is the best time to tie up loose ends. By that we mean: get those sandals re-heeled, toss that holey summer tunic, and finally bring the pile of I-swear-I’ll-get-them-hemmed-one-day pants to the tailor. Next year’s wardrobe thanks you.

That leather skirt, silk blouse, and chunky necklace combo took weeks – nay, months – to plan. So if ever there was a time to utilize your powers of persuasion, it’s now. Say you know the models. Compliment the doorman’s suit. One way or another, you’re getting into that fashion show.

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