Rue Horoscopes: November

We may not be experts on astrology or the moon’s position, but we do know style alignment. And in forecasting the next month, here’s what’s in store for you.

Sure, it’s always easier to react once your emotions have kicked in (as proven by your utter lust for that elbow-patched corduroy blazer that’s now in your closet). But sometimes it’s better to weigh decisions based on logic rather than feelings. For example, yes, supple suede boots are needed in 3 colors: for home, office, and your best friend’s house.

Nobody likes the feeling of being unprepared. The best counter attack? Quell all gift-giving worries with a closet stacked with what-if gifts that cover everyone from the hostess to the dog next door. Besides, anything left unused by the end of the season becomes yours by default.

It’s a fact: friends should be able to tell one another the bitter truth. So be wary of surrounding yourself with people that are too sensitive (sniffling while watching The Notebook doesn’t count). If your bestie can’t accept that her choice of wide-leg pants aren’t the most flattering – especially when flares look like they were made for her – it’s time to toughen her up.

It’s no secret that things are better in groups: parties, bangles, après-ski drinks. But sometimes, you crave a little alone time. Our advice? Add some cozy touches to your bathroom (scented candles and some decorative flourishes are a must), grab a good book, and lounge in the bathtub until you’re pruney.

That urge to add some creativity into your professional life is becoming unbearable. Sigh. But until that looming promotion gives you creative license, try mixing inspiring fashion into your workwear. Color and pattern are everything, so pop in a pocket square (yes, that means you, ladies), rock a bright pump, or spice things up with a confidence-boosting red lip.

You’re a big self-motivator – your high-strung nerves alone are proof of that. But in the spirit of this hearth-loving season, you deserve a break. First up: Create your own sanctuary. We’re talking layer the couches with textured throws, pile on the pillows, and light a holly-berry scented candle (or three).

There’s no point in hiding your emotions, so stop trying to. Feeling withdrawn? Snuggle up with a cashmere throw and watch PLL (we won’t tell). Eager to take on anything? Go daring and dress in different hues of the same color – from head to toe. No matter what mood strikes, use it to its fullest extent.

No matter how hard you try, there’s always an excuse to get distracted from your goals. Sure, that vacation to Cancun sounds amazing now that the cooler weather has arrived, but what about that fur-trimmed puffer coat you’ve been eyeing? Life’s all about choices… and knowing how to charge things on two credit cards.

Okay, so you’re a little possessive (yes, that woman was practically drooling over your new over-the-knee boots, but who wouldn’t?). Put those territorial tendencies to work for you: box out at that sample sale, Quick! Buy It before they get their paws on your fur vest, and monogram every last surface of your home.

Old world thinking tells you to work hard in the morning and relax at night – but that doesn’t apply to you. Instead, save your mornings for leisurely coffee breaks and 11AM shopping sprees, and leave the heavy lifting (a.k.a. spinning class, presentation prep, and meetings) for the late afternoon. Change is a good thing.

Sometimes the best way to show your friends you care is with a little extra attention – and you’ve got a friend in need. Steal her away for an impromptu afternoon cupcake, or gift her with a framed photo (that you “just had lying around”). If that doesn’t work, a little retail therapy cures all.

The whole split-focus thing is working for you – just don’t lose fashion base in the frenzy. By day, you’re career-minded in supremely tailored dresses and blazers. By night, you’re the world’s best wingwoman in sequins and lace. But remember: Your Sunday uniform of dark leggings, an oversized sweater, and fur-trimmed boots speaks louder than all outfits.

Catch up on last month’s style forecast, and never miss a fashion beat.

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