Rue Horoscopes: August


We may not be experts in astrology or the moon’s position, but we do know style alignment. And in forecasting the next month, here’s what’s in store for you.

The sign of the sun – it’s no wonder you have a hard time letting go of those summer tanks and shorts. So don’t. Pair maxi dresses with fall jackets. It will result in an easier transition. We promise.

Your desk? It’s perfectly organized. We get it – you like things orderly and clean. And that whole menswear trend is your solution. Crisp lines. Brilliant simplicity. We can feel your giddiness from here.

Your calendar is booked through September (no surprise there). As a socialite, you can’t rely on just a few outfits. Bulk up that fall wardrobe with classic, versatile pieces. That LBD is calling – no, yelling – your name.

As usual, you’re working your butt off. And we’re not even going to try to convince you to chill out and enjoy the rest of summer. Dress for success in the office, and utilize color during the upcoming months.

Enough is enough. No more procrastinating. Fall is right around the corner, and now is as good a time as any to get shopping. Think cape jackets, lug soles, and dark-wash denim. They’re the fall runways’ hottest trends, after all.

You would never leave the house in sweatpants (um, fashion suicide). But printed silk pants? That’s a whole different story. The comfort thing is just a bonus.

There’s nothing wrong with standing out in a crowd. You’re an individual, so don’t be afraid to dress like one. Especially when it means mixing your favorite romantic dresses with autumn-loving leather and studs.

You always go with the flow, so why stop now? Throw an oversized boyfriend sweater on over a flowy sundress for a low-maintenance look. Bonus points if you pair it with killer worn-in boots.

Leader of the pack – that’s you. And when it comes to new trends, it’s no different. With these bold new patterns sweeping the runways, your followers won’t be able to take their eyes off of you.

Stubborn and stuck in your ways? Eh, you like to call it “being selective.” So select the best: cashmere. It’s back (not that it ever really went anywhere) and ready to outfit your fall.

Boring? More like anything but. And this season is your opportunity to get in with the street-style scene. Layers (on layers, on layers) + piles of bangles reel in those photographers every single time.

Leaving home is hard for you. But lightweight scarfs and boxy jackets are making it a little easier. Simply pair with leather boots – this combo needs to be shown off.

Catch up on last month’s style forecast, and never miss a fashion beat.

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