Seen At Rue: Henna Tattoos

On Friday, our SVP of Creative, Jen P., surprised us with a little end-of-the-week henna party. From our hands to our feet, the professional henna artist decked us out with temporary ink. Take a peek at our tats, then check out our chat with Nic.

Rue La La: This is such a fun treat for us! Can you tell us a little bit more about what you’ll be doing here today?
Nic: I’m doing henna, an ancient form of body art that utilizes the only plant on the planet with the ability to dye human skin for any length of time. It’s been used in India, Africa, and the Middle East for thousands of years.

Rue La La: You’ve been at this for quite some time – how did you get started as a henna artist?
Nic: I started when I was 11 years old. As a child, I was just grabbed by body art in every form and this was the one that was accessible to me, so I just kind of taught myself.

Rue La La: What’s your “typical” work in the henna world?
Nic: A lot of my work is bridal. Traditionally, Indian and Moroccan brides have a full application on their hands and feet before their wedding. And now, a lot of people are having pre-wedding parties so bridesmaids and guests can have a bit of work done.

Rue La La: Where do you draw inspiration from?
Nic: Mostly from traditional design motifs. I think they’re so beautiful – those really classic old-style designs. People have been using them for generations, and when artists work with a design idea for such a long time they streamline it and refine it.

Rue La La: We’ve seen you do everything from feathers to skulls today. What’s the design you get asked for most?
Nic: A lot of people come to me without an idea, so I’ll ask them whether they prefer floral or geometrical motifs because that will influence where I take the design. But as far as people coming to me with an idea, Khamsas, the hand of Fatima, are really popular. In the Middle East and North Africa, it’s a symbol of protection.

Check out more of Nic’s designs and download his patterns here. In Boston? He’s available for bookings, too.


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