Rue DIY: Ruffles on Trench Coats

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Judith Solar has been stopped on street corners and asked where she got her coat. No, she didn’t exactly make it and no, she didn’t buy it that way either. It’s an expression of her self-described personal style of putting her own stamp on everything that she wears.

Rue La La: Why did you decide to alter your trench coats in the first place?
Judith: Since I live in Boston, it rains and snows a lot. It really bothers me when there’s a torrential downpour and the bottom of my skirt gets wet. This whole idea actually started in late August during a storm when I got soaked. I actually spent a great deal of time looking for a trench coat that was long enough to keep me dry, but I couldn’t find one anywhere.

Rue La La: So how did you get the idea of bringing it to the dressmaker?
Judith: Well, over the summer, I had a skirt that I loved that I thought was too short. So I took it to my amazing dressmaker, Ludmilla, at Best Fit, Inc. on Newbury Street, and she added a black chiffon ruffle to the bottom. So that gave me the idea to approach my dressmaker again.

Rue La La: And the ruffles come from?
Judith: I spoke to Ludmilla about adding something to the bottom of my coats to keep me dry. She referred me to Winmill Fabrics. The people working there were so helpful. They showed me a waterproof black fabric that was perfect! I brought it into Ludmilla and she made a little ruffle that she attached to the bottom of my two coats.

Rue La La: Are you customizing anything else right now?
Judith: Yes, so I also bought this Helmut Lang dress because my daughter purchased one on Rue and I thought it was the most gorgeous thing that I have ever seen. She tracked one down for me, but I wanted to make it more age appropriate because it’s very short in the back. I guess I will let you know how it turns out.


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