How To Do It All (And Still Look Good): Rosie Pope Spills Her Secrets

It’s not easy being a mom, but if you’re London-born designer, actress, and mom-of-three Rosie Pope – you make it look blissfully simple. How does she do it (and look flawless while she’s at it)? We asked her a few questions to find out.

Why did you decide to start Rosie Pope?
Pregnant women deserve the best. I want to be able to provide the highest-quality one-stop shop for pregnant women and mothers, from clothing all the way through to education.

Did you ever dream of becoming a designer? 
I don’t think I dreamt about becoming a designer, but I always wanted to be a mother and to make my career about motherhood. In my opinion, our fashion and style play an integral role in how we feel, and it is imperative that mothers feel good.

Your schedule is, in a word, hectic. How do you juggle being a mother and businesswoman?
Scheduling is key, but I also try to embrace the craziness and be in the moment. Don’t let perfection get in the way of good intention. (Who cares if there is a little syrup on the iPad? At least I sent the e-mail!)

Are there any secrets for looking polished and put-together (when you don’t have the time)?
There are four key things. #1: Make sure your hair is in a pulled back into a ponytail or chignon if you don’t have time to blow it out. #2: Always moisturize for a glow. #3: Mascara will instantly open tired eyes. #4: If you are feeling down on your wardrobe or body, throw on a highlighter-color pashmina.

What fashion advice would you give to soon-to-be-moms?
Don’t deviate from your style. If you didn’t wear a particular style before you were pregnant, don’t wear it during or after. When you become a mom, choose outfits that are quick and easy, and most importantly, make you feel confident. If you wear clothes that make you self-conscious, you won’t feel good.

Heels vs. flats – discuss!
Neither – wedges!

We see you on TV with incredible handbags (hello, Birkin). What are your requirements in a day-to-day handbag?
It has to look great on the outside and be practical on the inside, and it helps if I can actually see the bottom of the bag.

You seem to have an amazing relationship with your husband and make your romantic life a priority. What are your secrets?
It is hard not to be a mom 100% of the time, but it’s important you have alone time with your partner. To be the person they fell in love with and to connect about things other than your children. I try to make sure that [my husband and I] talk about a wide range of things, and don’t spend the entire night talking about the fact that Jr. lost his first tooth today.

What’s your dream date night, and what would you wear to it?
The Sanctuary, Kiawah Island, for a long weekend. I would wear silk because it is a tough fabric to wear around the kids so I don’t get the opportunity to wear it as much as I would like.

What do you wish someone told you before you becoming a mom?
Nothing. That is the beauty of motherhood – discovering as you go.

Our Rosie Pope Boutique opens Monday, October 15, at 11AM ET.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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