The ReTweet: Five Style Bytes You May Have Missed

@graceatwood: I really need to get better about stepping away from the computer before bed time.
Our problem? Stepping away from the candy drawer. 

@dkny: I’m currently hugging my space heater
You know your office is cold when… 

@mrjoezee: On the plane going home. 10 days in Paris but excited to be going back to NYC. Desperate for my bed, a phone, a haircut and lot less butter.
Wait. Did he just imply there’s such a thing as too much butter??

@mrjoezee: I envy people who can drink an entire bottle of wine leisurely at lunch. #OnlyInParis
We could do that. But the results wouldn’t be pretty.

@katiearmour: “Peanut butter is the greatest creation since Christianity.” -Diana Vreeland
Agreed. Times a thousand.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

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