The ReTweet: 5 Style Bytes You May Have Missed

@vmacandcheese: Bless the Internet. An hour later, and I’m 95% done with ALL xmas shopping.
And we bet you didn’t even have to change out of your PJs.

@dallasshaw01: Vacation ended today… Which means diet starts tomorrow.
Hmm, we didn’t go on vacation and our diet still hasn’t started. What does that mean? #getusawayfromthecandy

@manrepeller: I think I’m losing vision in my left eye.
Which might require an eye patch… does that count as man repelling?

@mindykaling: that fleeting moment when I think I could make a pretty cool handmade duvet cover
And then disappears as fast as a tweet does in your news feed? Yeah, us too.

@shitgirlssay: Should I bring a scarf?
Most frequently said thing now that it’s cold out.
By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer Surely we missed something, so leave your favorite tweets of the week in the comments below, or tweet us, of course: @ruelala.

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