Ready, Set, Hike: The Dish on Football Preseason

It’s true, there are two capital Fs in my life: Fashion and Football. And now that the first snaps of preseason have been made, I can barely contain my excitement. So much has happened between this season and last, though, that the past few months warrant a bit of a replay. No slow motion necessary.

New England:
Quarterback Tom Brady caused a stir in late July when it became public that he was cliff diving off the coast of Costa Rica. Fans were appalled that the star would put his body (and hence, the team’s season) in jeopardy, so they did what they always do: blamed Brady’s so-called bad decisions on his stunning model wife, Gisele.

New Orleans: 
The head coach, Sean Payton, was suspended for this whole season (along with some of the players) after Bounty-gate. Allegedly, Payton knew team members were being paid to hurt opponents badly enough that they would need to leave the game, but did nothing to stop it. In other news, Payton reminds me of Hangover star Ed Helms.

The always camera-ready Peyton Manning took his first snap with Denver, post-neck surgery. Ousting the you-love-him-or-you-hate-him Tim Tebow after just two seasons, the veteran quarterback took his sunny disposition to one of the sunniest cities in the U.S. (Bet you didn’t know that about Denver.)

New York:
Speaking of Tebow; there is a faux-quarterback controversy in New York (technically New Jersey). Alongside Mark Sanchez, the two young quarterbacks have been mushing it up in front of the camera, but only the season will expose their true chemistry.

Among other stories: T.O. went to Seattle and Randy Moss to San Francisco. But true football fans really just roll their eyes to that.

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By Cassandra Handley, Blog Editorial Director

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