Rue Recap: Project Runway's Ping-Pong Style

Hi there, Project Runway fans! Last week, we got through the initial groaning over a whole season of teams. This week, the designers created new uniforms for SPiN New York, the “preeminent Ping-Pong social club.”

Knowing the club was owned by the ever-beautiful Susan Sarandon seemed to make Team Keeping It Real and the Dream Team even more nervous. (Can you blame them?) Each team was asked to design five uniforms: three for female servers, one for male servers, and one for male “ball boys” (featuring the club’s “balls are my business” slogan – cue 90 minutes of male-anatomy jokes).

The Dream Team’s Benjamin micromanaged Cindy – who is a competent designer, if a bit dowdy – yet ignored James and his horrible blue fabric until it was too late. Over on Team Keeping It Real, Daniel generously helped Layana, who struggled last week. I do love that a self-taught designer like Daniel can share some tricks of the trade with the FIT grad who interned with Oscar de la Renta.

You may be able to guess what happened on the runway.

Team Keeping It Real
I really loved Layana and Daniel’s upscale take on a server’s tee-and-apron look, though it would have been better without the asymmetrical collar and back. Stanley’s male-server attire worked for the client, and no arguments here. Susan loved the graphic pockets on Joseph Aaron and Richard’s ball-boy uniform, but it seemed busy (on the plus side, the shirt and harness were fabulous).

The Dream Team
The length didn’t work for James’s cabana-boy shorts, and pairing them with that ill-cut top made it worse. As for Benjamin and Matthew’s kilt, Heidi put it best: “The crotch piece was tasteless.” (Yet “ballsy,” said Susan. Ha.) Really, not much worked out for the Dream Team – including the jacket and shorts created by Benjamin and Cindy.

No tears from me over the elimination this week, but the Dream Team has got to get it together. How are you feeling about the teams? Do you agree with Cindy that “the thrill” is gone?

And PS: Just in case you’re as intrigued by Joseph Aaron’s multicolored cat sweaters as I am, I had to share. You can thank me later. Until next week – auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer 

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