Project Runway Has a Field Day

Hi again, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers used the Marie Claire shoe closet as inspiration. This week, they battled each other in an obstacle course to earn an extra hour in the workroom, where they created activewear for Heidi Klum’s New Balance line, HKNB. Plus, Michael Kors returned as guest judge. Oh, happy day.

The good: Helen’s mesh jacket moved well and covered “the ass and the thighs” (thanks, Nina), so everyone adored it – and it’s for sale at as part of HKNB. Kate’s look was polished, functional, and something I’d wear out for an autumn run. And Alexander pulled off athletic pants sans side seams. So cool. Michael said he could see it on a sales rack… but at least that would mean it’s in a store, right? Irony: Dom and Justin won the field-day challenge and had extra time to work on their looks, but they were both just safe.

The bad (and the ugly): The judges said Ken’s too-long, strappy tank belonged on the same rack as Alexander’s look. Karen started over after Heidi called her first try a “green Martian” in the workroom, but the result was more like Sunday lounge-about clothes than stylish activewear. And Alexandria’s second go at drop-crotch pants was ridiculous – who could exercise in those? – but since we were finally able to hear some of that classic Michael Kors wit, I’ll leave the commentary to him…

The last laugh: …“Well, if you want guys to leave you alone in the gym, wear that look. I mean, first off, you can’t move. Second off, you pooped in your pants.” Michael, please don’t leave.

I agree with the judges over who went home, but I would have picked Kate to win. (And if the judges had, too, I’d be the one doing the running this morning – to where I hid my credit card. From myself.) How about you? Tell us on Twitter at @ruelala.

Auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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