Project Runway Faces Reality

Hey there, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers transformed their models into Southern belles. This week, the challenge tested their ability to satisfy an everyday, non-model-sized client: the die-hard Runway watcher.

The good: Helen has come a long way since Kate handed her her first win. Seeing Jamie’s transformation paired with that red-carpet dress was by far the highlight of this episode. I’d be surprised if, at this point, she didn’t make it to the Final Three. Justin’s idea to incorporate Tristen’s signature into the dress was genius. Bradon’s choice of black for a “sexy” and “modern” look wasn’t original, but it was chic and versatile enough to land him in the top.

The bad (and the ugly): Alexander’s unfinished garment had me worried. He’s one designer I’d like to see stick around a bit longer. Zac called Alexandria’s look “maternity librarian” – scary accurate, and far too matronly for the 20-year-old client.

This has been a season chock-full of bad behavior. Regardless of Ken’s sage-colored flop of a dress, his explosion when Alexander had to move into his room was akin to a child’s temper tantrum. Ugliness all around. Except for Susie, his superfan model/client, who rocked the catwalk.

The last laugh: I loved that Kate incorporated lace into her top’s look, but my only thought as it came down the runway? Robin Hood. Or maybe a chain-mailed Peter Pan. That said, I’m glad she was safe.

The judges sure got it right this week. Agree? Let us know: @ruelala. Talk to you next time. Auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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