Project Runway Drives It Home

Good afternoon, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers crafted with bow ties provided by Tie the Knot, a fashion charity in support of gay rights. This week, they formed four teams and drove Lexus sedans to pick up materials from a vintage wallpaper store, a supermarket, and a party-supply shop. The goal? Work together to design an unconventional three-piece mini collection.

The good: Bradon, Alexander, and Miranda made a beautiful, white-themed collection – if I were a judge, this group would have won my vote. Also, the fruit detailing on Helen, Justin, and Dom’s pieces was an original and stunning touch. But ultimately, Jeremy’s strapless pencil dress was impeccably tailored, and Karen and Kate used their unconventional materials the best. (I mean, seed glitter and rice embroidery? Awesome.)

The bad (and the ugly): Sue was a mess. While her garment didn’t look much worse than Ken’s or Alexandria’s (Zac Posen on their collection: “The material is bad, the sewing is bad, and the taste is bad”), the fact that her model was still wearing her own clothes as they headed for the runway was unprecedented and sad. And let’s not discuss her issues with Ken, because they were both right – she can’t sew and he is a drama queen.

The last laugh: As Jeremy’s dress walked the runway, he told the camera, “I am blinded by its luminescence!” He also used the idea and shape of a stingray as inspiration for his garment. Talented? Yep. Amusing? You bet. I hope he sticks around, because it makes for a good combination.

With this elimination, it seems we’re finally down to a solid core of good designers. I doubt the drama is going away anytime soon, but at least we’ll have pretty things to look at for the rest of the season. And now, a serious question: Any theories as to how Sue got on this show in the first place? To weigh in, tweet us at @ruelala.

Catch you next week. Auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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