The Leather List: Prada Terminology Decoded

There’s leather. And then there’s Prada leather. From shiny patent to super-soft deerskin, each material has an Italian moniker. Learn them below (and try to use your best Italian accent).

Prada Leather Translated

|ˈsafˌēˈanō |
Calfskin that has been heat-stamped with a crosshatch pattern for added durability and scratch-resistance.

|spaz ōlˈlätō|
Polished, patent calfskin. Translates to “brushed” in Italian.

Vitello Daino
|ˈvīt elō da ēnō |
A calfskin that has been treated to imitate the softness of deerskin while maintaining its strength and durability.

An extremely buttery leather made of wild deerskin. Each piece comes unmodified, natural markings and all.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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