Pocket Squares for All

By now, we’ve all noticed that menswear has become a part of the everyday woman’s wardrobe. But here’s one more accessory to add to that growing list: pocket squares. Both men and women alike are using this colorful little accessory to inject some serious energy into their suit-and-tie looks. And here’s the kicker – there’s (almost) no masculine or feminine version of the trend. I say almost only because I prefer to reserve the extra puffy, fancy folds for the women, and the clean-lined folds for the men.


Stick to bright colors and patterns to instantly update your suit (even if, like me, it’s the first suit you bought out of college), and make sure you choose a fold that has a little pizzazz, like the Winged Puff Pocket Square fold below:



If you’re already rocking a supremely tailored suit, you need little else to top off the look. But adding a clean-cut pocket square gives accessorized allure to your ensemble. Choose (literally) any color or pattern, and guys, don’t be afraid of a little pink – women love a man in pink. Give this sleek Flat Pocket Square fold a shot:


By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

What are your favorite pocket folds? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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