Glamour Girl or Free Spirit? Pinpoint Your Personality, Then Dress It

The one-piece wonder’s most wonderful truth? No matter the girl, there’s a dress out there that’ll complement her style to a T. Read on to discover which look fits you best:

Pinpoint Your Personality - Then Dress It

Glamour Girl
You’ve had a firm grasp on tinted moisturizer since before the rest of your classmates even knew what a pore was. You’re a girl-on-the-town, and getting-ready time (complete with corresponding playlist) is sacred.

Femme Fatale
Behold: the grown-up girly girl. You love your lace, extra-love your peplums, and have long known that snagging a guy has nothing to do with showing skin.

You’ve always had a sporty side, but know full well how to girlify it. See: That time Kate Middleton played field hockey in heels (while secretly pregnant).

Total Classic
Let’s just say – you’ve created more than one Audrey Hepburn Facebook fan page in your time.

Free Spirit
You know the Almost Famous screenplay (and soundtrack) entirely by heart.

Queen of the Evening 
Not a gala-thrower in town would even consider assembling a guest list sans your name.

Our It’s a Match: Dresses by Personality Boutique opens Tuesday, January 29, at 3PM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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