Saved by the Cell: Pendant Promises to Rescue You From Bad Dates

So your Tinder date isn’t going all that great. The guy you thought was smart and worldly is, well, everything but – and now you’re trapped. You can’t just get up and leave, not without looking rude. Enter: the Guardian Angel pendant. Worn as necklace or a bracelet, the sterling silver piece is actually a receiver that triggers a fake phone call to your cell as soon as you press it. Which means you can get out of that date, pronto.

Guardian Angel Pendant

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Pure genius, right? Retailing for $120, it is a bit more expensive than having your best friend wait outside the restaurant to save you from a blind date gone wrong, but on the upside, 10% of the proceeds support AWARE, the Association of Women for Action and Research.

Personally, I’m sold – and might even fire up my Tinder app because of it.


By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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