5-Minute Pow-Wow with Pauline Nakios

Unapologetically laid-back yet wear-everyday chic, it’s no wonder that LILLA P has gained such a devoted following. So when I heard that Pauline Nakios, the designer behind the label, was coming to the studio to style our upcoming Boutique, I jumped at the opportunity to ask her some questions.

How did LILLA P get its start?
It all started with a basic crewneck short-sleeve tee in five colors. This was in 1998 around the time when the fitted tee was trending and women were wearing them with everything from jeans to ball gown skirts (à la Sharon Stone).

You say you’re inspired by the modern woman. Who is she?
I am inspired by the modern, multi-tasking woman who’s possibly juggling a career, motherhood, volunteering, and traveling. She has style, but is practical in her wardrobe choices.

Is there a place you go to be inspired?
Living in New York City is an inspiration of itself. I love to spend time people watching, seeing what they’re wearing, and watching new trends emerge.

What is it like to style the collection?
I design LILLA P as a blank canvas for each woman to make her own. She can take a jersey dress and wear it with heels or a scarf for a classic look. Or she can put on a pair of black boots, a belt, and stacked bracelets for a more contemporary feel.

How do you describe your own personal style?
My style is classic with a subtle modern twist. I like to look effortless, yet put together. Since I tire of trendy items fast, my all-time favorite piece of clothing is our white, layering camisole.

Our LILLA P Boutique opens Monday, September 10, at 11AM ET.

 By Marissa Dubin, Staff Writer 

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