ELLE’s “Modern Love”


Modern Love

At ELLE, we love to explore a women’s sense of self and personal style whether it’s in the way she dresses, lives, or loves. So this month, we’re redefining what it means to be in love. Forget the traditional, by-the-book Valentine’s Day definition and embrace what we like to call “Modern Love.” From celebrating confidence by slipping on a beautiful lingerie set, to indulging with a glass of champagne or piece of dark chocolate, this “new-age” love affair is all about embracing you. So, if you haven’t already, pick up our February issue of ELLE and check out our Modern Love Boutique for sweet, stylish love-yourself offerings that capture the essence of what Modern Love means to us.

Being comfortable in your own skin.
It’s all about embracing your individual sense of style and wearing what makes you feel best. It’s investing in a bold pair of earrings that appeal to your unique aesthetic, or mixing and matching a stack of bracelets inscribed with personal messages. Trust us, you feeling your best (and exuding confidence) will be the sexiest thing ever to your s/o.

A little extra luxury.
Luxury doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money. We’re totally old fashioned, and love the idea of handwritten notes or cards, love letters, flowers, and of course, chocolate (Knipschildt is the best!). And since Modern Love is all about embracing you, so we suggest splurging on the sexy lingerie, pouring yourself a glass of champagne, and slipping into some silky sheets!

Personal POV.
Modern Love is about engaging and owning a personal point of view. It’s discovering things you love and truly making them your own. When it comes to fashion, look for pieces that speak to you, that feel original, and that are wholly your own. Men and women personify love in individually unique ways, and staying true to yourself can only make love stronger.


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