On John’s Radar: 3 Looks to Transition into Fall
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On John’s Radar: 3 Looks to Transition into Fall

In our majority-female office, our creative director John is the resident expert on men’s fashion (and all-things-style in general). Each month, he’ll be dishing on style trends for men and helping you break them down into something easy and wearable.

Oh boy… While I’d like to pretend that summer isn’t coming to a close, it is. As we transition into a new season, we have to start transitioning our wardrobes as well. Here’s how to strike that perfect balance of summer-meets-fall.



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The Printed Shirt + Jacket Combo

Good news, guys: You don’t have to retire your tropical print shirts just yet. Throw a blazer over a floral button-up for a bold (and office-appropriate) look. Going for something more casual? Toss on a bomber jacket and you’re ready for whatever the day – or night – throws at you. It’s the holy grail of summer-to-fall fashion.



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White Sneakers + Cropped Jeans

Those white sneakers you’ve been wearing all summer can hang around for another couple of months – scooooore. They’re great for the warm days and cool nights that come with early fall. Just pair them with a fitted cropped jean or a cuffed trouser. (Take it from me, a cuffed pant seriously polishes the overall look.)



Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Lightweight Leather Bomber

The bomber jacket is a staple. It’s the bread and butter of fall outerwear. For this in-between season, choose a lightweight leather jacket that’ll be just warm enough for those cool nights. As for color, avoid anything too dark right now (try a caramel or deep red). Once you get that, you’ll be ready for leather weather.

My last piece of advice? Layers, layers, LAYERS.


Written by John Camilleri, Creative Director


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