October: We’re Coming Home

This month, we’re all about Homecoming. What does that mean? A return to tradition, to nostalgia, to what makes us feel most wholeheartedly at ease. (Sure, the eponymous high school dance can be grouped in with that.) Be it giant cashmere sweater or a burrow-ready throw, we’re stocking our closets (and our homes) with everything needed to stay cozy and comfortable at all times. Take a Sunday afternoon, for example, spent baking up a storm:

Clockwise, from top left:

Sweater: Your (insanely cozy) uniform for taking on the kitchen.

Serving tray: Have it ready and waiting to serve up your delicious culinary creation.

Cashmere throw:  Get cozy as you wait for said creation to bake.

Mini pie dishes: This time of year, how can an apple pie not be what’s baking in that oven?

Pillow: (See cashmere throw scenario.)

Baskets: These, of course, house the glossy mags you’ll be thumbing through while curled up.

Our October: We’re Coming Home Boutique opens Tuesday, October 2 at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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