NYFW Spring 2013 Preview, Part 2

As summer draws to a close and New York Fashion Week kicks off next Thursday, we’ve asked some of our favorite designers for a sneak peek at what they’ll be sending down the runway for Spring 2013.

“It’s about the relationship between man and nature. The juxtaposition of massive man-made concrete structures against the fluidity of the sea. This season I further explored silhouette and color. The collection is a balance between hard and soft, dark and light.”

“Fluidity. Translucency. Power. Lightness. Water’s elements are captured and transformed for my Spring 2013 Collection. Lots of blues and greens to reflect the colors of water. There is a focus on transparent paneling and design lines that are reminiscent of waves while shapes are kept more structured and minimal.”

“I was inspired by the Taoist philosophy of the five elements in nature – fire, water, metal, earth, and wood. Each element has corresponding colors and textures. I interpreted the quality of each element into the silhouettes and textures, and used the colors and motifs, which are carried over from the clothes, through the accessories. Together, these elements help enhance the energy in us.”

“This season is dubbed “Surf Sophistication,” and is an evolution of resort; elements of surf culture are mixed in with urban sportswear. Silhouettes are lean and razor sharp, and separates are key. The Jenni Kayne girl has a way of borrowing from the boys to make things her own, and this season she does that with color and texture. Unexpected color combinations, an ethnic-inspired print, and bold stripes in varying widths complete the look for spring.”

“I was struck by some gorgeous photos of the Porcelain Room in the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin. I wanted to infuse that over-the-top celebration of beauty and craftsmanship into my Spring line. The colors play off each other in a fresh, energetic way: bright green clover paired with soft honeydew, vibrant azalea pink with powder blue.”

“Reflection and the temporal drawings and camouflaged landscapes of the artist Jim Hodges inspire the Spring 2013 Collection. There are reflected prints that are based on ink drawings done by Hodges, and the color palette is based on a palette seen in his work (ink blue, bright marigold, and coral).”

“The colors in the collection – milky, bright tones paired with neutral hues – were inspired by the colorblocking of abstract Finnish painter Silja Rantanen and Russian painter Kazimir Malevich. Inspiration also came from Finnish nature and the incredible seasonal tones and layers of colors in the landscape. Marimekko always reflects the abstraction of nature and embraces the seasons and ways of living in them.”

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Lauren David Peden writes for Rue La La as a Contributing Editor.


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